Types Of Bingo Online Games And Game Rules

Types Of Bingo Online Games And Game Rules

In the following I will refer strictly to the rules of the classic 90-ball bingo game, stating that the rules may differ slightly depending on the type.

And now let’s move on to concrete things and see exactly how the game of bingo can be practiced. It consists of purchasing one or more playing cards containing 15 numbers displayed on 3 rows and 5 columns. It is possible that the ticket actually has several columns. In this case, not all will have numbers (so there will be 5 numbers in a row regardless of the number of columns).

The game numbers will be between 1 and 90, but depending on the type of bingo, it can also be numbers between 1 and 60 or 1 and 75. The numbers cannot be chosen by the competitor, each game ticket containing randomly chosen numbers. On the other hand, you can choose the one you want from several tickets.

It should also be said that with each draw you can buy more tickets. The maximum number differs depending on the game, but can be quite large (for example 60). The price also differs from game to game; you will see withdrawals where a ticket costs only one cent, and others where it costs € 2.

The actual draw and awarding of prizes

After purchasing the tickets, the actual extraction begins. You can also watch it at live betting agencies. One number is drawn in turn, and each player must circle the numbers that come out on the game tickets. The first player to get all 5 numbers off a line (any line) must strigw bingo, and an employee will check the ticket. In the case of online games, the verification and validation is done automatically without you having to do anything.

If there are several players who manage to make a horizontal line at the same time, then the prize for that line is divided between the number of winners. If you come up with a line AFTER someone has already managed this performance, it doesn’t matter anymore and you don’t gain anything.

The procedure is repeated for 2 lines (to have any 2 of the 3 complete lines) and for the whole ticket (to get all 15 numbers). In the latter case, the competitor must shout BINGO. Thus, for each draw followed by a live bookmaker, three prizes are awarded : a horizontal line, two lines and BINGO (the whole ticket).

Some online bingo rooms also offer progressive jackpots when you manage to bingo from a certain maximum number of balls. Winning the prize is achievable with the tips below!

Types of bingo games

As I said above, the most popular type of bingo is the one with 90 balls, but there are also bingo with 75 balls, or modified game variants of the main types, or online variants.

The 90-Ball game

The playing card consists of 3 rows and 9 columns, each row containing 5 numbers and 4 empty seats, so a total of 15 numbers. Prizes are awarded for one line, two lines or full house.

The 75-Ball game

Here the numbers are associated with the letters that form the word “BINGO”.

  • B = 1-15
  • I = 16-30
  • N = 31-45
  • G = 46-60
  • O = 61-75

The playing card consists of 5 rows and 5 columns. Each square contains a number, except for the one in the center which is marked by the “Star” symbol, which takes the place of a number.

Five prizes are awarded, starting with a single line. The prize for a line is awarded whether it is horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The following prizes are only awarded for horizontal lines.

75-Ball Variant game

So this is a game with 75 numbers, and the card is composed of 5 lines and 5 columns, so 25 numbers in total. The difference is that in this variant you buy 3 cartons each. Eventually, all 75 numbers are divided on each of them without repeating. Prizes are awarded exactly as in the case of the 75-Ball variant. There may be other game variants, but I preferred to focus on those that can be played online in our country.

Can I be sure that the bingo game is going well and not arranged?

It’s hard to say exactly, but I say that if you play at a famous gambling site you won’t have any problems. Such sites comply with certain laws and regulations and are supervised by third party authorities who ensure that all games are correct and the whole system is well set up so that there are no deviations from the rules.

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